Approaching Rand Airport

 Rand airport is situated in a very air traffic congested area of Johannesburg right next to the instrument approach vectors for O.R Tambo International Airport. Because of this, there are a few cautions and preferences when approaching Rand Airport.

The most common entry point into the aerodrome would be entering and contacting tower overhead RD at or above 6,500ft. Typically traffic departs the aerodrome over the silver ball, about 3nm north of RD. If you are approaching runway 29, expect a left-hand pattern and an early base turn to avoid entering O.R Tambo CTR.

Consider this overview of Johannesburg Special Rules for references.

Breakcloud Instrument Approach - VOR RWY 35

Instrument Approach VOR A Rwy 35 - 20 March 2015 (3.62Mb) - Open - Download