Airport Information

This section contains important information for pilots, navigational aids, charts, NoTAMs, AIRACAIP Supplements, Weather and landing fees & pricing at Rand Airport.

Important Notes

  • Rand Airport is known for hot & high conditions and it’s relatively short runways
  • The density altitude can be as high as 7,900ft when the OAT is at 30°C
  • Urban sprawl surrounding the airport means there aren’t many forced landing fields or areas
  • Rand Airport experiences a lot of windshear particularly on approach for runway 35
  • High-tension power lines on approach to runway 17 are marked with red and white spheres
  • High trees on approach to runway 17
  • Be careful of the FAJS CTR when approaching runway 29 or departing runway 11
Airport Type Public
IATA Airport Code QRA
ICAO Airport Code FAGM
Elevation 5,483ft (1,671m)
Runway information
  Rwy 29 Rwy 35 Rwy 11 Rwy 17
TODA 1714m 1374m 1579m 1374m
LDA 1579m 1374m 1714m 1311m
Length 1579m 1311m 1579m 1311m
Width 15m 15m 15m 15m
Slope -0.71% -0.71% +0.71% +0.71%
Surface Asphault
Lighting PAPI, RTHL (green), REDL (white), RENL (red)
Strength LCN 51
Operational Hours Daily between 05h00z – 16h00z
Rescue & Fire services Cat 6
Air Traffic Services Daily between 05h00z – 16h00z